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February 27, 2009

New York City has a well-earned reputation as a “green” urban structure. NYC has a world-class mass transit system, LEED certified skyscrapers, and the highest building energy efficiency of any US city. It is also the national leader amongst real estate tax incentive programs for PV systems. NYC also pays the highest cost for trash tipping fees of any US city, the landfill at Staten Island being one of two man-made structures visible from space.

Recent retreat of financial service firms presents both challenge and opportunity. The major tenant for one of the towers to be built at the WTC site has folded into Bank of America, headquarters in North Carolina. Remants of Bear Stearns are vanquished to the UK. The Times reports that the Financial District will be remade as a center for start-ups.
The opportunity for NYC is for it to maintain its green bias and ride the wave of the federal administration. The Port Authority cannot take all the space to be built in the Financial District.
The city made a key announcement last December. The 2004 competition to retrofit its 300,000-cobrahead lighting system to LED is to be built.
The mayor leads, the city follows.
Second place entry from lighting competition rendered above.


February 25, 2009


Senate Majority Leader Reid this week said Cap and Trade legislation was two weeks from emerging from Congress. The expected filibuster will take 60 votes to over-ride.

It may be worthwhile to note the 2006 emissions profiles for the twenty-five largest US electric utilities. The figures are from Calpine’s February 2008 annual report and are not adjusted for MW of generation capacity nor for MWH of generation, but rather appear to be totals for each enterprise. It’s interesting that EXC, one of the largest, is amongst the cleanest. Will they and others of similar profile be rewarded or punished by Congress?