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March 19, 2009


Ground Source Heat Pump is one of the most efficient heating and cooling systems available. The Coefficient Of Performance of closed loop systems in southern New York State will vary but may be assumed to be approximately COP 5.0.

Employing the insulative properties of the earth as a heat exchanger, GSHP is a combination heating and cooling system. Transition from heating to cooling mode is done at the indoor unit or thermostat. Systems include an electric coil at the indoor unit to supplement the heating cycle as necessary.

A federal tax credit of 30% exists for systems exceeding COP 3.3 and SEER 14.0.

NYSERDA provides $600. per ton. for capital costs as well as 50% of feasibility study costs.

Closed loop systems are more expensive than open loop to install but provide the greatest carefree operation. Open loop is not recommended in ecologically sensitive sites near water courses; filtration is required for open loop.

Current construction market conditions in the northeast provide aggresive pricing opportunities for drillers.