moneyNYSERDA have compiled a list of stimulus funding for energy projects.

NYSERDA have also compiled a list of the energy-related Block Grants from the federal government. This is a new program, similar to the Community Development Block Grants. One distinct difference I noted is that CDBG was administered for the Westchester County cities and towns by the county government. The energy-related Block Grants are being given to cities and towns directly, not through county government, and various towns in Westchester have been given their own energy grants. For towns that may have yet to apply, NYSERDA have a description of the application process.

North Carolina State University compiles links to funding programs for the US states. Here is their latest compilation for New York State, including programs specific to NYC and selected NYS counties. The funding for the other states is also compiled by NC State.

Federal funding for capital projects is key to economic recovery. Unemployment in Common Market participant and alternative energy leader Spain has reached 15.5%. The US administration will not want to head in that direction. The US unemployment report is due out today at 8:30 AM Eastern Standard.

The ability of federal funding to reach small towns and other small market participants is key. Funding major banks has not done enough to stimulate capital projects.

On a positive note, my friend in Utah who listens to conference calls reports that US companies are seeing an uptick in business during April.


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