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April 30, 2009


With climate change discussions pervasive on US university web sites and Nobel Laureate DOE Secretary Chu on board with Cap and Trade, it may be of interest to see what the other side of the discussion presents.

One of the key arguments made by Cap and Trade opponents is the adverse economic affect on US households through increased utility bills. However, energy conservation is starting to impact proceeds of regulated utilities, as we hear today from the Centerpoint Energy CEO.

Another argument posed by Cap and Trade opponents is that carbon capture technology is not commercially available and will not be untilĀ 2020.

On the other side of the discussion and also reported today: By 2020 climate change may have an impact on rice production of our former adversaries greater than any we inflicted.

Clinton Global Initiative and actor Edward Norton have formed the 2020 Initiative to reach 20 million television viewers annually to present stories about climate and world poverty.

Climate change may be fact, but Cap and Trade appears flawed.

Maybe Hollywood will provide the vision to sort this all out.

Photo of grazing African elephants by Cook