Con Edison Rate Increase Granted

electricity-meter_In the 17 May post the question of whether Con Edison would be granted a rate increase in light of the NYS PSC’s austerity directive was posed.

Today ratepayers have been notified that the PSC has approved an increase to Con Edison’s electric-delivery charges commencing May 1, 2009. It amounts to US$721. million annually. Con Edison estimate that for a 300 kWh bill in NYC, the increase will be $6., and for a 450 kWh bill in Westchester County, the increase will be $8.  I doubt any household not generating alternative energy can limit their summer-month kWh use to 450 kWh, readers in 1,800 square foot residences not heated with electricity may double the 450kWh and then add taxes and SBC charges to calculate their increase.

Enterprise and non-profit customers will not be spared, and they will bear the additional burden of increased demand charges.

Con Ed delivers electricity and fuel costs are not included in their regulated rate; they appear on their invoices as a pass-through. Fuel cost projections are difficult to make, but I believe they too are headed higher.

One solution to paying more in electric utility costs is increasing system efficiency. Cree, one of the large LED manufacturers, reported higher than expected revenue numbers today, citing higher than anticipated sales to lighting OEM.

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