Energy Efficiency Funding


NYSERDA is seeking applications from facilities interested in energy efficiency technical evaluations, peak-load reduction studies, energy procurement analysis, proposals that study the feasibility of implementing combined heat & power (CHP) and renewable generation, and Peak-Load Curtailment Plans. This solicitation is divided into three (3) separate components: 1) Energy Efficiency Technical Assistance; 2) CHP and Renewable Generation Technical Assistance; and 3) Peak-Load Curtailment Plan Technical Assistance.

For most energy efficiency technical studies, NYSERDA will cost-share up to $500,000 on studies performed by a Service Provider. For electrical customers of Con Edison, NYSERDA will cost-share up to $1,000,000 on such studies. NYSERDA will pay 50% of the first $1,000,000. for customers who buy power from utilities other than Con Ed, and 50% of the first $2,000,000. for customers who buy power from ConEd.

The foregoing sums refer to the Technical Evaluation (Study) funding only; in addition, there are numerous capital improvement funds available from NYSERDA for implementation of the Energy Conserving Measures that are identified in the Study.

Customers whose power is purchased from third-party power providers are eligible, as the delivery of that power is over infrastructure owned by utilities that pay into the System Benefits Charge.

For Peak-Load Curtailment Plans, NYSERDA will provide up to $2.00/kW of the facility’s peak summer (May-October) electrical demand directly to the Service Provider.

As with all NYSERDA programs, LIPA and NYPA customers need not apply.

To access the Energy Efficiency Funding, contact a qualified Service Provider who can provide a preliminary evaluation of your facility(s).


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