Lighting and Wind



In the May 13 post, reference was made to NYSERDA Existing Building Program providing funding for lighting upgrades. This is on a per kWh saved per year, a one-time payment. The rebate for Orange and Rockland (Con Edison) customers is $0.12/kWh saved/year, for the first year only.

In response to my question, yesterday the agency ConEd PM clarified the links for the spreadsheets required for the calculations:

“A description of our electric incentive program is here:

“You can download the lighting form by clicking on the link under the “lighting” bullet point.


Go here for assistance with calculations.


It is reported today that climate change is having a negative impact on midwest US wind speeds of as much as 10%, negative in relation to wind generation potential.


The photo at the top is taken near shore off Maui. There are 12 GE 2.0 MW turbines on the ridge. Can you spot them? No Photoshop was used, it’s our photo.

Maybe turbines can enhance the landscape, depending on the skills of the design team.

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