Transmission Links


Con Edison plans to spend US$1.5 Billion on infrastructural improvements in NYC and Westchester County by laying 2000 miles of cable. Their news release makes reference to the fact that the improvements are being made despite the credit crisis, but of course the ROI is guaranteed by the NYS PSC.

On June 18 Central Hudson announced they too would be improving their infrastructure, with a rate increase as granted by the NYS PSC.

Orange and Rockland (Con Edison), with a service territory covering two NYS counties, NJ, and Pennsylvania, also has transmission issues. Starting June 1, their business customers with peak demands less than 100 kW may be eligible to receive 70% of the installed cost of energy efficient lighting measures directly from O&R.

In the golden state, the governator’s Energy Plan hinges on new transmission to bring renewable energy from sources in the desert and the Tehachapis to urban centers. Here is the NOVA video file.

FERC are concerned. June 18 they released a study asking for a 38 GW to 188 GW demand reduction nationwide, or 20% of demand. As T. Boone Pickens might say, ” That’s a lot of juice.”


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