Generation Links


FPL is projecting US $7.0 Billion in fuel savings by 2014, by moving some of their generation from oil to combined-cycle, which they rate 30% more efficient. FPL claims their customers pay the lowest rates of all of Florida’s  electric utilities. Not mentioned in the press release: the PSC has granted  a 30% rate increase to Florida Power and Light, FPL’s regulated subsidiary.

The NRC will make a decision on the relicensing of Entergy’s 40-year old licenses for Indian Point sometime after next February.

Long Island has amongst the highest electric rates in the US due to a lack of generation. The Long Island Shoreham nuclear facility was licensed but never commissioned because of local pressure regarding an evacuation plan for residents. NYS inherited the nuclear facility when the utility was forced into bankruptcy.

NYS’ LIPA are trying to develop the Shoreham property. Yesterday was the deadline for RFP submissions from private real estate developers. It is not great timing for NYS, and in turn the rate payers, as they sell land into a soft real estate market.

FERC staff have studied the cost of new generation. Note the marked increase in the capital cost of nuclear.


Photo of Shoreham.


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