Lighting Links


* DOE has new Energy Star rating criteria related to Solid State Lighting. For outdoor pole-mounted area and roadway luminaires, application requirements are a minimum light output from the luminaire of 1,000 lumens (initial).

* The OSRAM Sylvania CEO discusses lighting retrofits as they relate to the ARRA.

* 40W LED retrofit kit is now available in either Type III or Type V light distribution pattern.

* NYC enterprise and non-profit customers can now receive rebates for demand reductions. For a single outdoor fixture retrofitted from 175W metal halide lamp (plus 35W ballast) to 54W plug load LED, the rebate comes to $109. per fixture. This is cash, not tax breaks.

* Two elite NYC colleges have begun their LED exterior lighting retrofits. Call for details and scoop the press releases.

Photo of historic fixture fronting Cass Gilbert’s Woolworth Building. Reason for quintuple array: natural gas lamps had low efficacy.

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