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July 7, 2009

Image4NYSERDA has divided the Loan Fund into two programs, Residential and Commercial. The residential portion remains open and funded. The Commercial portion is closed. It was meant to have reopened in the Spring of 2009. In response to my voicemail about its status, the PM wrote as follows:

“Hello Sal-

“I was on vacation for the holiday and didn’t get your voice mail till this morning.  The Loan Fund is waiting for the approval of at least 2 different funding sources.  Unfortunately we have no way of knowing when those funds will be released.  So I am conservatively saying that the Commercial Loan Fund will remain closed till the end of the year.   If funding becomes available before then, a notice will appear on our website and in the contract reporter… Thank you for your interest in the program!


“Project Manager, Energy Efficiency Services”

Projects contemplated to be submitted to either Loan Fund are allowed to be designed prior to Loan Fund application, unlike some of the NYSERDA grant programs. This is the protocol we followed with a Loan Fund application which lent  funds for the implementation of a central heating/cooling plant project.


Lance won his 12th career Tour de France time trial today, in the Team Time Trial. At maximum output, Lance can produce 1 kW of power, enough to power, well… at 240V, thats 2.41A.