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NYSERDA Generator Rebate

July 10, 2009


NYSERDA have increased their rebates for gen-sets located in Con Ed service territories from $160./kW to $200./kW.

Here is what the PM wrote me in this regard:


“The incentives you are referencing ($600/kW) are for a Combined Heat and Power projects, not gen sets used in response the NYISO’s ICAP/SCR program.  On page 8 of the document for the EFP there are incentives ($200/kW) listed for emergency/backup generators that are registered with the NYISO’s ICAP/SCR program.  These incentives require new generators to meet the most recent federal manufacturers New Source Performance Standards for emissions criteria.  Existing generators must emit less than 7.5 g/bhp-h of NOx.  or DEC regulations that may supersede this requirement.  These generators must be properly permitted and run only for emergency purposes or NYISO/SCR events.

“Senior Project Manager”

EPA Tier 3 emissions requirements apply to generators under 750 horsepower, and Tier 2 apply to those over 750 hp. Those are the NYSERDA guidelines; Cummins makes generators which meet the guidelines.

The bottom line: based on conservative construction cost estimates which we run for real projects, those nice folks at NYSERDA and Con Ed are giving customers 30% of the capital cost for generator projects. They calculate that rebating distributed generation is cheaper than upgrading transmission infrastructure.

Customers will also realize cash flow from the NYISO programs referenced.


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