Energy Links

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*Electricians show a marked preference for LED lighting, according to a survey with 2,100 respondents.

* The “New Energy Crisis” is here, more or less.

* Ocean Thermal Conversion is being studied as a way to vitiate the power of hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico. Any readers willing to study the thermodynamics and feasibility of this scheme are invited to write in. Some smart guys seem to think it has a chance of working.

* Natural gas futures are bouncing off $3.60/ Million BTU.

* A very credible source reports that the NYC Council is considering a Local Law mandating energy audits for buildings over 50,000 SF, with mandatory ECM implementation of all ECM with under a four or five year payback.

* The NYC DoB has begun auditing submitted plans for energy code compliance. An often-used and good program, ResChek, is only applicable to 1 and 2 family dwellings, and as such compliance with ResChek does not signify energy code compliance.


stage-14Tour de France experts have been waiting for Lance and team mate Alberto Contador to finally take control in the Alps. Now, the Alps are finally on the horizon, with the Armstrong-Contador showdown for the yellow jersey nearly upon us. Whether George Hincapie can put up any further challenges after today is unknown. After 14 stages, Nocentini retains the yellow for another day, Lance is fourth at +0:08, conserving energy while relinquishing no time to the leader in today’s stage.


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