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American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

July 27, 2009


NYSERDA have been designated as the NYS agency that shall distribute ARRA funds to applicants. NYSERDA solicitation PON 4 is now accepting applications on a first-come, first-served basis.

Unlike typical NYSERDA programs which are funded from the System Benefit Charge collected from the electric and gas utilities, PON 4 grants will use federal funds. Another key distinction from typical NYSERDA programs: municipalities that purchase power from NYPA and LIPA qualify for PON 4.

The solicitation is geared to NYS municipalities, schools, colleges and non-profits. The intent of PON 4 is to produce projects that achieve Energy Conservation.

Enterprises may combine projects into a joint application to reduce the time and effort in applying.


The 164-kilometer, 21st and final stage of the Tour concluded yesterday with a Mark Cavendish sprint victory.

Overall Tour Winner: Alberto Contador

Second Place: Andy Schleck

Third Place: Lance Armstrong.

Cycling is a pretty efficient activity, however, it costs a cyclist in the range of 0.3-0.4 calories per kilometer cycled per kg of body mass—or about 25-30 calories per km. A 180 km stage will cost an athlete around 4000 calories, depending on the amount of drafting. A cyclist’s total energy expenditure for one day of the tour is very high. His Resting Metabolitc Rate (1500 cal) plus his exercising energy expenditure (4000 cal) adds up to 5500 calories, which is probably the equivalent of 15+ cheeseburgers! So just to remain in energy balance a Tour rider must consume 5000+ calories a day.