Consortium for Energy Efficiency

MODELA~1Recently I have written about the short-comings of the LEED building rating system in relation to building-wide energy efficiency performance.

There are alternatives.

Up in Boston the Consortium for Energy Efficiency is addressing building-wide analysis to coincide with the DOE Energy Star Program. The consortium publishes criteria used by Energy Authorities such as NYSERDA and Building Owners’ Associations such as BOMA. For example, to establish the meaning of “High Output” T8 fluorescent lighting systems, one goes to and finds both prescriptive and performance criteria for ballasts and lamps, and either criteria may be used as a qualifier.

CEE also conducts program development to assist electric utilities with criteria they use for their PSC-mandated energy efficiency programs.

Model of International Place, Boston, Johnson Burgee Architects, curtain wall design D. A. Booth and Salvador Behar.

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