Power Today

andrew_200* NOAA has lowered this season’s hurricane forecast. Hurricanes have a marked impact on power and oil and gas supplies, even supplies in the northeast.

* Entergy’s regulated utility in Louisiana, hammered by Katrina, has applied for $4 million in federal funding for smart grid projects.

* On August 7 Con Ed requested $172 million in federal funding for smart grid projects.

* Con Ed has begun a $6 million pilot program in Queens to test smart meters, PV power integration, and vehicular plug-in technology. SBC funds will be used.

* NYSERDA PON 4 which will pay up to 100% of your energy efficiency study costs, all with Federal funds.

* Today’s Wall Street Journal has an article about PJM Interconnection and wholesale electricity prices. This is a subscription article, but you can access the lead-in here. For the actual pricing referenced, the Local Marginal Pricing, see yesterday’s post.

The Journal headline reads “Electricity Prices Plummet“, which sounds quite bad. Actually it’s bad news only for IPPs, particularly those highly leveraged. It’s good news for regulated utilities and any enterprise customer.

NOAA radar graphic of 1992’s Hurricane Andrew over south Florida.

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