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MEP_JFK* Great Britain’s MW demand today is a bit more than NYISO peak yesterday, but not by much. Real-time comparisons are hard, but the National Grid site linked has a 24-hour graph up; 2:30 AM real-time data for Great Britain:

GB Real Time

Demand: 25794MW
02:30:00 GMT
Frequency: 50.064Hz
02:31:45 GMT

System Transfers

N.Ireland to Great Britain: -104MW
France to Great Britain : 658MW
19/08/2009 02:00:00 GMT

North-South: 3901MW
Scot – Eng: 1588MW
19/08/2009 02:31:00 GMT

* In New York, IPP Calpine owns and operates plants on Long Island and at JFK by selling power to LIPA. The lead photo shows the co-generation boiler plant at the airport.

* Calpine operate the world’s largest geothermal to electric power plant, The Geysers,  supplying 20% of California’s renewable energy. The Geysers is located under the border between Lake and Sonoma Counties.


* I’ve been thinking IPPs may be in for some tough sledding. An insider at Calpine begs to differ, putting up some serious cash yesterday to purchase 164,200 shares on the open market:

CPN Calpine Corp

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