Rural Electric Cooperatives

IMG_0182A rural electric cooperative works like an old-fashioned savings and loan, in which customers own shares in the enterprise and elect the board of directors. Here are some links…

* Senator Schumer does his part for renewable energy in Delaware County, supporting an application by the electric cooperative to construct turbines at four existing dams. DEP is carefully considering this application because NYC drinking water is the source of the power.

* Oneida-Madison Electric Cooperative operates in two NYS counties, offering the following rates:


Rate Schedules

Schedule 1 – Residential Service – rate is .08700 per kilowatt hour
Schedule 2 – Seasonal Service – rate .07700 per kilowatt hour
Schedule 3 – Commercial Service – rate .09128 per kilowatt hour

Monthly meter charge – $10.00

* The Steuben Rural Electric Cooperative is growing 2% a year because of the terrific rates offered industrial and agricultural customers. Steuben REC is the largest rural electric cooperative in NYS, maintains over 1500 miles of electric lines throughout Steuben, Cattaraugus and Chautauqua counties, and employees 30 full time.

* Basin Electric Power Cooperative works in nine western states, deploying various fuel sources. BEPC are building transmission infrastructure with a newly-approved 230 kV transmission line. Continental Resources has oil and gas projects in the region that will benefit.

* President Lyndon Johnson was an incredibly effective advocate of rural electrification his entire career. In 1965 he sent a team from the Rural Electrification Association to electrify and rebuild South Viet Nam. Read his endearing after-dinner speech to Pedernales Electric Cooperative.


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