Data Center


Last week we received a commission to design a new data center for a Yonkers non-profit. The center will be located in the administration building on the Yonkers campus, the building at center of the photo. The data center will serve all enterprise IT needs, including those of off-site facilities in the Bronx. The center may include server virtualization to minimize power and space required for data storage. The facility will be supported by a clean-burning NG-powered back-up generator. The generator is under 200 hp and not subject to NYS DEC air quality permitting; nonetheless, it will meet Tier III emissions regulations.

Later this year,  we’ll begin a lighting installation at another facility on this campus, the building at left in the photo. That design has received a citation from NYSERDA for energy-efficient design exceeding requirements of the NYS Energy Conservation Code. The installation of High-Output T8 fixtures, and of occupancy sensors at the larger spaces, will qualify the project for NYSERDA funding for each HO-T8 fixture and sensor.

Our firm also served as energy consultant to the renovation of the administration building. The project received a NYSERDA grant for the HVAC upgrade under the Existing Buildings Program, and received a loan from the agency under their Loan Fund Program. We secured both the grant and loan.

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