Installed Capacity Program

Adams Power Stations 1 and 2 NiagaraWhen the NYSIO anticipates that New York State’s major transmission systems may be compromised due to weather-induced high electric demand, they may declare an emergency. Calls are made to Installed Capacity Program customers with a request to invoke curtailment measures under ICAP. Customers enrolled in the program receive an advisory day-ahead notice followed by a notice two hours before the event to curtail power.

The curtailment measures can include reducing usage or switching to dedicated standby power generated on-site.

Incentives for customers include cash payment of up to $0.50 kWh depending on the Local Marginal Pricing and rebated installation of an interval meter. There are also substantial incentives for standby power installation to meet program objectives, a scenario under which the customer gets to shift some of his capital cost for necessary standby generators and switches to the public sector-utility.

Photo of first major hydro plant in Niagara courtesy Tesla Society


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