Lighting Links

* Organic LED (OLED) are produced by sending a current through an organic film as thin as 100 molecules across, with a potential energy efficiency advantage of 20:1 versus LCD displays. A professor at MIT explains the concept with a glowing pickle.

* Graphene lighting comprised of light-emitting electrochemical cells is being developed by US and Swedish scientists. Is this the next generation commercial lighting technology?

* White LED yielding 208 Lumens per watt at 4579 Kelvin color temperature has been achieved under laboratory conditions.

* Koenig’s Sphere, the sole sculpture to survive the WTC collapse, has been reinstalled in Battery Park City and lit by OSRAM Sylvania.

* Downtown’s streets are among the safest in New York, thanks in part to 100 streetlights installed by the Downtown Alliance.

33 Maiden Lane by Philip Johnson Salvador Behar, Project Architect

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