* Financial adviser Gary Shilling suggests building and buying out-patient clinic buildings, because the new health care law will increase demand for space.

* Jim Rogers, known for his bare-knuckled wit and thus the favorite client of one of my mentors, architect Julian Neski, says the “intimate” nature of the Chinese PM’s dinner with President Obama suggests we now accept their ascendancy as an economic superpower. Rogers predicts crude oil will see $200./bbl sooner rather than later, because of lack of new large finds.

* Public Service Enterprise Group and the Sierra Club agree; both dislike NJ’s new electricity generation law.

* Compressed Air Energy Storage, a technology developed for data center emergency power applications, has migrated into the utility realm via a new unregulated business at PSEG.

* EIA will post a new web site on Monday. The global navigation will allow users to navigate more easily from any portion of the site to any other.

* Earth Networks and Scripps Oceanographic Institute launch a program to study worldwide GHG emissions.

* Lawrence Livermore Lab estimates that in 2009 the US burned or combusted 94.5 quadrillion BTU, of which 40 Q BTU generated productive energy and 54.5 Q BTU was given off as waste heat.

Rendering Salvador Behar Architects

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