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NYC Energy Incentives

February 16, 2011

* Good for jobs, bad for conservation, and worse for distribution infrastructure: NYC has incentives to reduce facility power rates by 45% and NG rates by 35% for small businesses relocating to the city or expanding existing facilities.

* NYC building owners who install (read: get signed-off) a PV system before December 31, 2012 are eligible for a property tax abatement worth up to 20% of the installed cost of the system, capped at $250,000. The tax abatement may be taken in addition to the NYSERDA incentive ($1.75/W DC). The abatement is spread equally over four years (i.e. up to 5% of eligible system costs per year, capped at $62,500), and may not exceed one’s property tax liability for any given year. For systems installed on condominiums, the abatement is divided among all tax lots within the building. To secure the abatement, one needs a registered architect or P.E. to file the work with NYC Department of Buildings. For a PDF of additional PV incentives, including ones for LIPA customers, please email me.