ASHRAE 90.1-2010 8. POWER

8.4.2 Automatic Receptacle Control. At least 50% of all 125 volt 15- and 20-A receptacles…installed in the following space types:

a. Private offices

b. Open offices

c. Computer Classrooms

shall be controlled by an automatic control device that shall function on:

a. a scheduled basis using a time-of-day operated control device that turns receptacles off at specified … times– an independent program schedule shall be provided for areas of no more that 25,000 SF but not more than one floor, or

b. an occupant sensor that shall turn receptacles off within 30 minutes of … occupants leaving…, or

c. a signal from another control… that indicates the area is unoccupied.

Exceptions: Receptacles for the following shall not require an automatic control device:

a. Receptacles … designated for equipment requiring 24-hour operation.

b. Spaces where … shutoff would endanger the safety or security…

8.5 Prescriptive Path (Not Used)

8.6 Alternative Compliance Path (Not Used)

8.7 Submittals

8.7.1 Drawings … record (as-built) drawings of the actual installation shall be provided…


2 Responses to “ASHRAE 90.1-2010 8. POWER”

  1. Michael O'Keefe Says:

    I am glad to see that 125volt power options as they relate to the building space and modular furniture have been addressed under occupancy driven energy controls. With almost every device drawing power in a continuous state the energy vampire problem is long overdue to be addressed. Section 8.4.2 does have potential large implictions on design for both the building architect and modular furniture manufacuters. What time line has been given for adoption of the principle and when is the compliance deadline. I thank you for all you help with this.

    Michael O’Keefe
    Product Manager

    • mexsi Says:

      In NYC, ASHRAE 90.1 is accepted as an alternate reference standard; NYC Energy Conservation Code compliance for new work is currently required.

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