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Energy Maps

May 29, 2011

* Mapcruzin has several maps of US nuclear generation facilities and historic seismic activity.

* Baker Hughes has an interactive rig count for North America. It includes oil, gas, and geothermal well rig deployment for the entire industry. Rig count is up appreciably year-over-year, primarily because of oil drilling. Natural gas drilling is down.

* The US roofing association has the ASHRAE 90.1 2007 climate zone map in color. The one that ASHRAE publish in the print version of 90.1 2010 is nearly illegible.

PlaNYC 2030 Revision

May 28, 2011

* The city has published an April 2011 revision to PlaNYC which includes chapters outlining new goals on energy and housing. Distributed generation is encouraged and residences for an additional 1,000,000 New Yorkers are foreseen, sustainability viewed as the thematic bridge to the future.

33 Maiden Lane from corner of Nassau Street with window washing davits deployed, Salvador Behar Project Architect


May 27, 2011

It has been an exciting week, and I’m sliding home early. Like Jackie, be safe.

Jackie Robinson Sliding Home by Andy Jurinko

Riverfront Photomontage

May 25, 2011

Design: S. Behar and M. Lau

Riverfront Watercolor

May 20, 2011

Design: S. Behar and M. Lau

New Work

May 10, 2011