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NYISO today

July 13, 2011

* Yesterday NYPA called for Demand Reduction measures from their participating customers.

* Here are today’s real-time loads for grids controlled by the NYISO

* A cold front is descending tomorrow.

* NYSERDA has a program for new construction wherein they provide NYISO-ICAP participating customers $100 per kW of curtailed summer on-peak load or 60% of incremental costs, whichever is less, for on-site DR-dedicated emergency generation, plus $1,500. for a PSC-approved, advanced interval meter. Funding includes the cost for a feasibility study which we can perform, rebated by NYSERDA at a rate of $2./kW of peak load.

Lighting at University of Texas Austin Competition Pool

July 9, 2011

Mr. Johnson’s Birthdate Anniversary

July 8, 2011

Top: R. Morrison, R. Hogan, J. Sydness, S. Behar,…,T. Demetrion, D.A. Booth,…,Bottom: E. Cobelin, R. Riley, R. Henry, S. Paulsen, L. Levinson,…,M. Mitchell

Today July 8 is the 105th anniversary of the birth of architect Philip Johnson. Mr. Johnson and Mr. Burgee had offices on the 36th and 37th floors of the Seagram Building, interior photo below. Hope my friends enjoy these, which my wife kept. Photographer unknown.

Anecdote from Mr. John Manley as told to the author: Mr. Johnson had commissions but no architectural license; he failed several times to pass the design exam. He opened an office anyway, and Manley was one of the first employed there. They are busy designing buildings when one day they arrive early at work to find the office doors padlocked. The NYS Department of Education finally found a way to keep Johnson from working on buildings. Next exam, Johnson passed the test.

I’m on the phone with an engineer. Model of Dade County Center in background.

Impact of Buildings in NYC

July 6, 2011