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Colorado Trip

August 30, 2011

Residential Window Wall

August 29, 2011

Glickenhaus House window wall design: Salvador Behar Architects, S. Behar, J. Dayton


August 27, 2011

* Derek Jeter has tied Mickey Mantle for most games as a New York Yankee. Go to for more images of Mantle.

horsing around with Andy

Arcade in Santa Barbara

August 26, 2011

Sketch Plan for Sloping Site

August 25, 2011

sketch: Salvador Behar Architects

DR Today

August 24, 2011

* Will electric vehicles affect demand loads if time of charging is uncontrolled? No.

* Johnson Controls has applied for a patent integrating EVs and buildings for demand response.

* Exide Recycling Material Identification Guide

* Rare earth metals make EVs an un-sustainable transportation solution.


August 23, 2011

* Virginia was hit with a 5.9 magnitude earthquake today, equaling the highest magnitude earthquake ever to hit the commonwealth, going back to 1897.  The quake was felt here in the Bronx, and a friend in Connecticut reports his building shook.

Single Line Diagrams

August 23, 2011

* Confirming loads connected to emergency feeders is critical to facility operation.

Weekend Links

August 18, 2011


* Cornell University will enter NYC mayor Mike Bloomberg’s competition for a science and technology campus.

* Walking tours of the Sheridan Expressway – Hunts Point Study Area will be given this Saturday by NYC Planning.


* NYC has three incentives which may be applied to PV projects: a $62,500. property tax abatement, a sales tax exemption, and NYSERDA’s $1.75 / watt rebate funded by the Systems Benefit Charge collected by Con Edison

* Oversupply is the recurring theme in the solar industry.

* Britain needs to increase its capacity for electricity generation because all but one of the country’s nuclear facilities, and half of its coal power plants, are due to shut by 2023.


* “Safety” is a crowded trade; Harvard Business Review article on embracing risk.

* Norwegians are standing up for openness.

Demand Response

August 16, 2011

* NYSERDA has a program for new construction wherein they provide NYISO-ICAP participating customers $100 per kW of curtailed summer on-peak load or 60% of incremental costs, whichever is less, for on-site DR-dedicated emergency generation, plus $1,500. for a PSC-approved, advanced interval meter. Additional funding is available for the cost for a feasibility study which we can perform, rebated by NYSERDA at a rate of $2./kW of peak load.