NYSEG Correspondence

“Dear Trade Ally:

“Yes, funding is still available for the NYSEG and RG&E’s Commercial and Industrial Rebate Program. Please help us be sure that your customers are getting the full benefits of our program for energy efficiency upgrades or replacements. We have two types of rebates available:

“Prescriptive Rebates include lighting and controls, unitary HVAC, HVAC chillers, and natural gas furnaces, boilers and controls. (We are always looking for ways to enhance the program and may add more equipment and/or change rebate amounts.)

“Custom Rebates: If a project doesn’t qualify for a Prescriptive Rebate it might qualify for a Custom Rebate that  will generally pay up to half of the incremental cost of the energy efficient equipment. In order to qualify, measures must be cost-effective with a total resource cost of at least 1.0 to be confirmed by our rebate processor. Please note that all custom applications must be pre-approved.

“Some examples of measures that might qualify for Custom Rebates: variable speed drives, energy management systems, building thermal envelope upgrades, compressed air equipment, energy efficiency process improvements, daylighting systems, infrared radiant heaters, steam traps, grain dryers and heat recovery systems.”

Contact mail@mexsi.com for Custom Rebate Energy Study

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