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Photos of Boring

June 27, 2012

Approval Received

June 25, 2012

Our project for an extension to a house on a golf course has received approval from municipal authorities.

Examining the Housing Permits Stats

June 24, 2012

The St. Louis Federal Reserve this week reported the number of housing permits issued. The coverage of the report stressed the four-year high that was reached in housing permits. Closer examination of the numbers shows that the absolute number of issued permits is still below the number of permits issued coming out of recessions going back to 1960. In other words, less permits are being issued now than ever before, as far back as the fed keeps numbers, even with the nascent recovery in the economy and the housing sector. Could this be due to fewer available prime sites? Is the sector in permanent decline, or will holders of those prime sites be richly rewarded?

Lobby and Service Entry

June 20, 2012



June 19, 2012

* The St. Louis fed reports that housing permits climb to four-year high.

Crude oil inventories rise to record high.

Building Paper v. Tyvek

June 7, 2012

In deciding between building paper (asphalt impregnated paper) and Tyvek for water barriers on exterior walls, I have tended towards Tyvek because the buildings we work on are not so tight at the outset. I am hearing of architects who are returning to favor building paper. My thinking for using Tyvek: it appears bulletproof, it cannot be ripped. Any material with the word “paper” in the name cannot be archival, correct? Actually wrong, because today we are removing shakes at an exterior wall reno, and that 64 year-old paper looks as good as new. May be time to rethink the choice of Tyvek.

Weekend Links

June 2, 2012

Con Edison pushes forward with oil to gas conversions.

* GHG footprint of natural gas from shale formations.

FLW buildings on google earth

photo Behar

Residential Gas Equipment Rebates

June 1, 2012

Con Edison will rebate $1000. towards the purchase of 96 % AFUE condensing boilers, which can be used in residential applications for either hydronic space heating or pool water heating. For the former, an additional $100. is available for outdoor reset devices to modulate output water temperature. Contact us at for design and applications.