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The Nature of Technology – W. Brian Arthur

December 16, 2013

from Arthur, ” Technology expert James Newcomb, talking of the business of providing energy efficiency services, says: ‘ Doing it well entails knowledge of literally thousands of individual technologies, together with the capability to assimilate and optimally combine these technologies in patricular applications, taking into consideration interactive effects, control systems, process applications, and the differential economies of energy and demand savings. It’s the skill of a master chef, not a grocer’s buyer.’ “

Jack’s Landing

December 12, 2013


It always seems impossible…

December 6, 2013

img_1071“It always seems impossible, until it’s done.” Nelson Mandela. 

photo of Lizard Head San Juan Mountains Behar

Emerging Trends

December 5, 2013

ULI projections for 2014 design teamhome7

ASHRAE Climate Zones

December 3, 2013

0808_webex_climate_zones MeXSI Inc