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Pool Sketches

June 25, 2014

20131101_124656new roc pool sketchup Scene 1 courtyardnew roc pool sketchup Scene 2 aerialnew roc pool sketchup Scene 3 one point perspectivenew roc pool sketchup Scene 4 two point perspectivenew roc pool sketchup Scene 5 from dwellingnew roc pool sketchup Scene 6 google earth

Weekend Links

June 21, 2014

pendleton* Discounting the distant future at 2.6% is acceptable to households and can be the basis for GHG reduction payback.

The Delaware County grass bio-energy project is under way, with Cornell University participating.

* Congratulations to Elias Behar of MeXSI Inc on receiving his Building Performance Institute accreditation.

Ryer Avenue

June 19, 2014

Con Ed awarded our project for a non-profit focused on kids a grant for energy measures.

Chanin Font

June 6, 2014


custom font design: Salvador Behar Architects

photo: Dani Piderman