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Geier House

April 19, 2012

Researching models for an underground house, I came upon this Philip Johnson-designed house in Ohio. It is a very nice design. But those condensers on the rooftops are added and not original, as he would never have left those so unconsidered.


National Swim Center

March 28, 2012

Join MeXSI Inc in sponsoring the activities of the National Swim Center in Austin Texas. They are an authority on aquatic facility development and provide technical support for designing swimming pools.

John Lautner, Architect

December 23, 2011

You might enjoy this article on John Lautner. When I graduated in ’75 he gave me an interview in his office. It was right on Hollywood Blvd.,  a very modest studio in an old office building like you find on that street, no conference rooms or reception spaces or any of that, just a studio. He was basically there by himself. He told me he had no work, but he still took the time to look through my book. He was kinda big; he looked like Brando in Apocalypse Now, very impressive figure but soft-spoken.

Winter Break

December 21, 2011

Our office will be closed until 26 December. To all our clients and friends we wish all the best for 2012.

San Juan Mountains December 2011

Fine Print

October 2, 2011

Nothing on this blog should be construed as professional advise. If readers want to solve a technical problem related to buildings, they need to engage a professional licensed in their jurisdiction: an architect authorized to practice architecture by the state in which the project is located.  We are licensed in the states of New York, California, Connecticut, and Florida, but provide services only to entities which engage us.

Occassionally this blog makes reference to public companies and commodities traded on public markets. Nothing stated or graphically depicted on this blog should be construed as investment advise.

Dilbert is property of Scott Adams.

Colorado Trip

August 30, 2011


August 27, 2011

* Derek Jeter has tied Mickey Mantle for most games as a New York Yankee. Go to for more images of Mantle.

horsing around with Andy


August 23, 2011

* Virginia was hit with a 5.9 magnitude earthquake today, equaling the highest magnitude earthquake ever to hit the commonwealth, going back to 1897.  The quake was felt here in the Bronx, and a friend in Connecticut reports his building shook.

Snap Shots

August 12, 2011

Here are some photos from Maui this July. That’s me getting out between the hazards, with my playing partners looking on. Hope you enjoy the shots.

Manhattan RE Prices During the Roaring Twenties

June 5, 2011


Using new data on market-based transactions, researchers from Harvard University and U C Davis construct real estate price indexes for Manhattan between 1920 and 1939. During the 1920s prices reached their highest level in the third quarter of 1929 before falling by 67 percent at the end of 1932 and hovering around that value for most of the Great Depression. The value of high-end properties strongly co-moved with the stock market between 1929 and 1932. A typical property bought in 1920 would have retained only 56 percent of its initial value in nominal terms and 77 percent in 1920 dollars two decades later. An investment in the stock market index (including dividends) would have outperformed an investment in a typical property (including net rental income), by a factor of 5.2 over this time period.

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