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Fly Ash at Bronx Zoo

March 1, 2017

elephant-pen-formworkFly Ash is a coal by-product and may be used as concrete hardener, replacing up to 30% of portland cement in the mix.

Photo: formwork at Bronx Zoo Elephant Pen, Environmental Design + Construction Magazine award winner.

Salvador Behar Architects / J. Mendelson PE

Non-invasive roof mount

February 4, 2017

us08733718-20140527-d00000Corsi’s US-patented non-invasive roof mounting adaptor

UD Sketches

January 18, 2017

170101-hug-facade 170101-hug-site

Goldstein Seawall

January 11, 2017

goldstein-h goldstein-vSalvador Behar Architects / T. Barnard PE

Stone cladding

October 29, 2015

Pier Formwork

March 19, 2015

Pool Sketches

June 25, 2014

20131101_124656new roc pool sketchup Scene 1 courtyardnew roc pool sketchup Scene 2 aerialnew roc pool sketchup Scene 3 one point perspectivenew roc pool sketchup Scene 4 two point perspectivenew roc pool sketchup Scene 5 from dwellingnew roc pool sketchup Scene 6 google earth

New Sign at Pedestrian Bridge

November 12, 2013

131127 planting area defined by curb not correct


November 1, 2013