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January 20, 2012


Energy efficiency market expands 6%.

Edison Electric Institute launched a smart-grid web site this week.

Lithium industry posits electric transportation infrastructure.


Who would you take: Simms, Eli, or Tarkenton ?

Palmyra Peak photo Jack Palmer


September 7, 2011

* One hundred ways to cut your energy bills.


March 16, 2009

untitled_rev_tms-so-elThe Edison Electric Institute granted access to the membership portion of their site where I found “Summary of Select Provisions of Interest to the Electric Utility Industry from H.R. 1 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009”.¬† This report saves me from reading the remaining 407 pages of the Stimulus Bill. I was on page 24. Thank you, EEI.

Under State Energy Programs, the report summarizes:

“$3,100,000,000. is allocated for State Energy Programs authorized under Part D of Title III of the Energy Policy and Conservation Act. As described below, Section 410 of this Act makes a portion of these funds available only to states that update their residential building codes, commercial building codes, create plans for enforcing building codes, and update regulations on utility energy efficiency programs.”

This is a tall order for the states: meet all four stipulations to receive money. It is heartening to see the emphasized phrase  included. I have contended that Energy Efficiency is misunderstood by practicing professionals and (particularly) non-professionals responsible for the major part of new and renovated construction. The need is not for more stringent codes but rather for unbiased interpretation and compliance with codes in place. This is not a task that a building department review can accomplish, but rather a set of tasks that should be performed by an impartial third party professional. General certification by the filing professional in regard to compliance is vacuous, and construction not under the supervision of professionals is even more at risk of being energy inefficient and illegal.

Third party review is deemed necessary and now DOE is providing an incentive. States and municipalities: take note.

mvc-878x3Rendering of Toyota Motor Sales facility and photo of field verification work: Salvador Behar Architects