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DR Today

August 24, 2011

* Will electric vehicles affect demand loads if time of charging is uncontrolled? No.

* Johnson Controls has applied for a patent integrating EVs and buildings for demand response.

* Exide Recycling Material Identification Guide

* Rare earth metals make EVs an un-sustainable transportation solution.

Single Line Diagrams

August 23, 2011

* Confirming loads connected to emergency feeders is critical to facility operation.

Demand Response

August 16, 2011

* NYSERDA has a program for new construction wherein they provide NYISO-ICAP participating customers $100 per kW of curtailed summer on-peak load or 60% of incremental costs, whichever is less, for on-site DR-dedicated emergency generation, plus $1,500. for a PSC-approved, advanced interval meter. Additional funding is available for the cost for a feasibility study which we can perform, rebated by NYSERDA at a rate of $2./kW of peak load.


March 8, 2011

* Natural ventilation is back, finding its way into data center design.

* Manhattan customers of Con Edison steam should consider a microturbine, which can generate 275 kW of “free” power when it acts as a pressure-reducing device for steam coming in from the street. An additional benefit is building emergency generation with no emissions. Contact me for a demo at Con Ed’s 74th Street steam plant, or for a cost-benefit analysis.

Con Edison Commercial-Industrial Program

November 24, 2010

We’re participants in a new rebate program that gives clients access to $100,000,000. of energy efficiency rebates.

What the program provides is that any Con Ed customer can get a rebate on electric or gas energy improvements through a pre-qualified consulting engineer.

Let’s say a client has a old gas-fired boiler that they want to replace with a new, modern boiler. We would calculate the energy savings on behalf of the client using a standard ASHRAE protocol. The project gets approved in a couple of weeks. The client then gets a check from Con Ed for the equivalent of $0.12 / kWh of savings for the equivalent of the first year’s savings. Con Ed gives an additional bonus of 10% for peak-demand reduction projects. Now we know boilers are not calc’ed in kWh, but the straight-line conversion is 1 kWh = 3.4121 MBTU.

The Con Ed program is administered by Lockheed Martin and applies to just about any piece of equipment or building system that uses energy. Here is the certification we received from Lockheed: