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Distribution Relief Program Tariff Proposed Changes

February 11, 2014

There are substantive changes currently before the NYS PSC. Please contact us for aggregation inquiries in Con Ed territory.

NYISO today

July 13, 2011

* Yesterday NYPA called for Demand Reduction measures from their participating customers.

* Here are today’s real-time loads for grids controlled¬†by the NYISO.¬†

* A cold front is descending tomorrow.

* NYSERDA has a program for new construction wherein they provide NYISO-ICAP participating customers $100 per kW of curtailed summer on-peak load or 60% of incremental costs, whichever is less, for on-site DR-dedicated emergency generation, plus $1,500. for a PSC-approved, advanced interval meter. Funding includes the cost for a feasibility study which we can perform, rebated by NYSERDA at a rate of $2./kW of peak load.