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NYISO today

July 13, 2011

* Yesterday NYPA called for Demand Reduction measures from their participating customers.

* Here are today’s real-time loads for grids controlled by the NYISO

* A cold front is descending tomorrow.

* NYSERDA has a program for new construction wherein they provide NYISO-ICAP participating customers $100 per kW of curtailed summer on-peak load or 60% of incremental costs, whichever is less, for on-site DR-dedicated emergency generation, plus $1,500. for a PSC-approved, advanced interval meter. Funding includes the cost for a feasibility study which we can perform, rebated by NYSERDA at a rate of $2./kW of peak load.

Installed Capacity Program

October 26, 2009

Adams Power Stations 1 and 2 NiagaraWhen the NYSIO anticipates that New York State’s major transmission systems may be compromised due to weather-induced high electric demand, they may declare an emergency. Calls are made to Installed Capacity Program customers with a request to invoke curtailment measures under ICAP. Customers enrolled in the program receive an advisory day-ahead notice followed by a notice two hours before the event to curtail power.

The curtailment measures can include reducing usage or switching to dedicated standby power generated on-site.

Incentives for customers include cash payment of up to $0.50 kWh depending on the Local Marginal Pricing and rebated installation of an interval meter. There are also substantial incentives for standby power installation to meet program objectives, a scenario under which the customer gets to shift some of his capital cost for necessary standby generators and switches to the public sector-utility.

Photo of first major hydro plant in Niagara courtesy Tesla Society

Real-time Loads

August 20, 2009
green roof demonstration project atop 5-Borough Building NYC Parks Dept.

green roof demonstration project atop 5-Borough Building NYC Parks Dept.


Real-Time Load
30271 MW

08/20/2009 16:15:00 EDT

* Great Britain

Demand: 37574MW
20:20:00 GMT
Frequency: 50.091Hz
20:23:45 GMT

System Transfers

N.Ireland to Great Britain: -390MW
France to Great Britain : 702MW
20/08/2009 20:00:00 GMT

North-South: 8213MW
Scot – Eng: 1546MW
20/08/2009 20:21:00 GMT

* PJM Interconnect at 16:28 EDT
Real Time Day Ahead

Current RTO Demand (MW) 120,615
Today’s Forecast Demand (MW) 120,272
Today’s Peak Demand (MW) 120,720

NYISO Load this P.M.

August 10, 2009
Dispatchers at the NYISO Control Room
The New York Independent System Operator operates New York’s bulk electricity grid, administers the state’s wholesale electricity markets, and provides comprehensive reliability planning for the state’s bulk electricity system.

In 2005-2006 the NYISO had projected the summer peak load for 2009 at 33,770 MW.

Today’s temperature has broken 90F for the first time since April,  and the humidity feels quite high. Loads should be approaching peaks. Here are the actual loads:

Real-Time Load
28822 MW

08/10/2009 14:25:00 EDT

Real-Time Load
29415 MW

08/10/2009 15:50:00 EDT

Real-Time Load
29580 MW

08/10/2009 16:25:00 EDT

The system demand is at 87.6% of projected peak.