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April 5, 2013

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April 1, 2013

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New Pool Building in Design

March 7, 2013



February 25, 2013

Lobby with Natatorium at left

Project in Progress

February 16, 2013


Jackie Robinson

January 31, 2013

Jackie Robinson on jurinko.comToday is UCLA graduate Jackie Robinson’s 94th birthday anniversary. This painting of Jackie sliding home was made by my friend, New York City artist Andy Jurinko. I hope you enjoy it.

I met Jurinko when I was asked to provide technical assistance for an exhibition of his work at 2100 Broadway, a building where my firm was doing several projects.040103~2100 Bdwy Int of Banking Hall~Landmark Application

His friends miss Jurinko, and all athletes would benefit by emulating the character of  Jackie.


Architect Philip Johnson

July 13, 2012

Sunday past was Architect Philip Johnson’s 106th birthday anniversary. This model shows the lobby at 885 Third Avenue, where my classmate Debbie Shapiro and I designed the core, lobby and plaza with Mr. Johnson. Gerald Hines was the developer, his first project in New York City.

The massing of the tower is derived from the zoning diagram; the stepping of the floor plates is tangential to the rear elevator core. We initially had the core centered in the building and then moved it back to free-up the floor plates. The tower floor plates are ellipses and the ground floor storefront is not, as it steps in from the ellipse above at a fixed dimension.

Not all the ground floor columns are structural, as some were added for the rhythm of the facade. This was not Mr. Johnson’s first job for Mr. Hines, who trusted Johnson’s judgement, particularly when it came to investing for the architecture.

The genius on this project was structural engineer Ahmad Rahimian, his first job as a lead designer for Irwin Cantor. I may scan and post some of the structural drawings to illustrate the point.

I don’t know where the term “Lipstick Building” came from, but in any case it was later, after the tower was built. Mr. Johnson had a terrific sense of humor, but wasn’t amused by it, as well he should not have been; this is one of his best towers.

Institutional Building in the Bronx

March 16, 2012

MeXSI Inc just completed an ASHRAE Level 2 Energy Study and secured a $62,000. grant for energy improvements in the renovation of this institutional building, sourced from the System Benefit Charge.

Impact of Buildings in NYC

July 6, 2011

Manhattan RE Prices During the Roaring Twenties

June 5, 2011


Using new data on market-based transactions, researchers from Harvard University and U C Davis construct real estate price indexes for Manhattan between 1920 and 1939. During the 1920s prices reached their highest level in the third quarter of 1929 before falling by 67 percent at the end of 1932 and hovering around that value for most of the Great Depression. The value of high-end properties strongly co-moved with the stock market between 1929 and 1932. A typical property bought in 1920 would have retained only 56 percent of its initial value in nominal terms and 77 percent in 1920 dollars two decades later. An investment in the stock market index (including dividends) would have outperformed an investment in a typical property (including net rental income), by a factor of 5.2 over this time period.

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