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Tannersville Project Sale Closes

October 24, 2016

googleearth_imageA renovation of this passive solar residence and grounds in Tannersville NY has been completed and the project’s sale closed in October, 2016. Design: Salvador Behar AIA. General Contractor: J. Constable. Decks: Joe Schiefer. Ext. doors, glass lites: Andersen.


October 18, 2016

sba_11_lo IMG_1702_small IMG_1763 cropped-mvc-008x.jpg 20130930_154530 view 2 aerial street corner P1010030 P1000975 MVC-906X 110630 LR 2 solar tudor birdseye proposed 091202 woodbine options-1

South-facing residences

September 18, 2015

mass_model-1street_view-1Salvador Behar Architects, B Colosky Sr Designer

Tudor as Passive Collector

December 4, 2009

Here is still from a Sketch-Up model of a Tudor we are working on. The southeast-facing conservatory will act as a passive solar collector in winter, particularly if we design the floor with some thermal mass. The conservatory is shaded by a mature japanese maple, not rendered here.

Scottish Architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh liked to append highly-glazed spaces to his Arts and Craft residences, the rooms sometimes used for billiards.

Below is the model of the existing condition of our project.