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Hudson Riverfront Redevelopment

March 1, 2016

MeXSI Blog

urban design: S Behar & M Lauhudson

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Waterfront Park

February 11, 2015

watercolor central plazapark design: S Behar & M Lau

Hudson Riverfront Redevelopment

December 26, 2014

urban design: S Behar & M Lauhudson

Chanin Font

June 6, 2014


custom font design: Salvador Behar Architects

photo: Dani Piderman

View Looking Northwest

May 20, 2014

point st view 2


May 16, 2014

looking north

Riverfront Development Study

May 12, 2014


design: S Behar and M Lau

Weekend Links

February 15, 2014

080214-t Yonkers

Wikipedia on Demand Response

Fuel oil to natural gas cost-saving calculator tool

Energy Information Agency projects 60 gigawatts of existing coal-fired electricity generation will be taken off-line in US by 2020

design: S Behar and M Lau

New Sign at Pedestrian Bridge

November 12, 2013

131127 planting area defined by curb not correct

PV powered Advertising

July 11, 2013

Polaris cropped

Design: Salvador Behar Architects